Week 1 vs La Serna

“Rock” of the Week:  Matt Reynolds

A great contributor in all facets of our team.  Did a great job opening holes and creating lanes as a hard nose fullback and made a handful of plays on defense as a never say die LB.  Works any position during the week on scout as well.    

Offensive Player: Cole Miller

Had 9 touches for over 100 yards, made HUGE plays when we needed them and did a really nice job blocking as well throughout the night.

Defensive Player:  Daryl Zaide

Had 6.5 tackles, leading the team and our defense to a near shutout of a very good offensive team.  Was all over the field and relentless in his pass rush with 2 of our teams 8 sacks on the night. 

Special Teams Player: Karson Lippert 

Had a couple of big returns and ended up making 4 special teams tackles as well, on one sniffing out a fake punt that ultimately ended up icing the game.  A true "do everything" athlete for our football team.     

Hit of the Week:  Kenny Moreno

On the 5th and final touchdown of the game, Kenny delivered a "pancake" down block on power, punishing the defender.

Kodak Offense: Trent Anderson 

A stout LB turned running back and full back for our scout offense.  Gave an excellent fearless look, running hard with the ball and doing all he could to help prepare our team.  

Kodak Defense:  Aldo Valdez            

An interior defensive lineman that gave a great effort at the line of scrimmage for us all week, preparing us for a stout front seven on Saturday night.