Week 3 vs Escondido

“Rock” of the Week:  Jordan Mazzola   

Played one of his best games of his career.  Was burying defenders from start to finish.  A senior that is really starting to figure it all out.  A great practice player as well, does anything for the team. 

Offensive Player:  Jake Neufeld

Had 3 total Touchdowns, 2 passing and 1 rushing.  Completed 11 of 15 passes with 3 drops.  Was dialed in from start to finish with 200 all-purpose yards. 

Defensive Player:  Chrisitan Estrella

Led the team in tackles and had a sack and 2 fumble recoveries.  Playing great football and helping lead a big shutout.        

Special Teams Player:   Brett Maryon

Had 3 tackles on coverage alone, selling out on every single play.  A relentless effort in the field of play.      

Hit of the Week:  Brett Maryon

Crushed a corner leading a fly sweep early in the game, setting the tone for the evening.    

Kodak Offense:  Aldo Valdez

Did a great job mimicking physical play from the fullback position, did such a good job that he earned himself some playing time Friday night as well.        

Kodak Defense:  Travis Engel

A senior that is always very engaged and has a terrific attitude.  Gives a great scout look and is always open to do whatever he can for the good of the team.