Week 8 vs Mission Hills

“Rock” of the Week:  JaQuann Carroll  

Made big contributions to every face of the game.  Offense, defense, and special teams.  Had relentless effort in pursuit making two TD saving tackles, had a big offensive night with a TD and over 100 all-purpose yards.  A senior acting like a senior giving his all. 

Offensive Player: Matt Reynolds

An absolute warrior. Matty has been at the point of attack at nearly every big offensive play all season long.  Relentless effort that gets after it all week long.     

Defensive Player: Sam Hussin  

Sam had an inspired and relentless effort with 2 Sacks, 3 TFL, 6 tackles.  He was all over the field, beating blocks and making tackles.      

Special Teams Player:  Patrick Oliver  

Stepped up big in the coverage teams, making a handful of tackles and giving a great effort.           

Hit of the Week:  Carson Berry

On a run play that was stretched and flattened out to the sidelines, Carson came up from his Free Safety position and executed a textbook tackle fit that blow up the ball carrier.      

Kodak Offense:  Conrad Amburgey  

Mimicking one of their best players, gave a good effort working to get on top of our defense and giving a look that we saw Friday night.   

Kodak Defense:  Patrick Oliver

One of the first guys in line to give us a good look as a scout defensive back and sometimes linebacker, willing to do whatever he can to help our team.