Week 11 vs Torrey Pines

“Rock” of the Week:  Christian Estrella & Jake Neufeld

Games of their lives.  Terrific efforts in some of the biggest moments of the season, and really school history.  Made plays, lead our team, and connected on the game winning TD.      

Offensive Player: Cole Miller

Played his all-around best game of the year.  Textbook smother blocks, HUGE efforts with and without the ball!  Had 5 big catches, in critical moments.  Flat out got after it.         

Defensive Player:  Kyle Wada  

Balled out all night, made big plays vs the pass, getting the game sealing interception, but also made plays late in downs to not let them break free vs some big runs.         

Special Teams Player: Issac Scoville

On nearly every single special teams, always gives a great effort, does every and anything the team needs to be successful.            

Hit of the Week:  Ryan Martinez  

On a pivotal 3rd and short Marty was a part of a huge knock back tackle that forced them to punt and gave our offense the ball back to ultimately take the lead and win the game.      

Kodak Offense: Nate Lakatos

An absolute rock on our offensive line all year long.  Has made tremendous strides and is only going to keep getting better. 

Kodak Defense:  Tyler Montejano      

One of the most spirited players on our team, always gives his absolute best to help our team be as prepared as possible during the week and brings sky high energy every Friday night.