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General Info

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Summer Camp?

Summer camp begins June 19th for Freshman and June 21st for JV/Varsity and will run through July 13th. Camp is Monday through Thursday. Please look online at under the calendar section for exact times and dates for your team (make sure you click the appropriate tab for Freshman, JV or Varsity).

What additional Expenses are there?

Each player will need to have a physical completed by a physician. LCC will have a Sport Physical Day in the school gym where each physical costs $25 and the proceeds go to the school. Your team parent will forward the date and times the physicals will be offered.

What additional equipment will I need to purchase?

The school will provide all of the equipment needed to play except for cleats and underclothes. The cleats should be black or black & white. We play on mostly turf fields so the molded cleats are reported to be better for those types of fields. There is no required brand or style (Adidas is the brand that has contracted with the school so if possible Adidas is preferred). You may purchase a spirit pack online, which will include clothing that is worn to camp and can also be used for P.E. during the school year. Spirit pack cost will be approximately $80 and will be available at in the spring..

Where do I get up to date information?

LCC Football has a website that is updated daily. Please refer to the current posted calendar and other information on the website: Make sure to check the correct tab for your team—varsity, JV or freshmen. You may also email your team parent—their email should be on the school website.

Do the players have to ride the bus?

All players must ride the bus to and from the away games. The weekly sports schedule on the school’s website gives release times for the bus on game days. Go to the school website at and select the ‘weekly sports schedules’ under the ‘athletics’ tab.

When does the JV bus return from away games?

The JV games are played prior to Varsity games. At away games, the JV bus will return to school after the Varsity game. JV players are expected to stay for the Varsity game and usually return on the bus at approximately 10:00 to 10:30 p.m. for away games.

When are Varsity Practices?

The approximate schedule is:

3:15 – 6:00/Monday, Tuesday

6:00 – 9/Wednesday

3:00 – 5:00/Thursday

7:00 – Game/Friday

Varsity players are not permitted to leave campus on Friday. They will be with coaches from the time the bell rings until after the game. The only exception is if a player has free P.E.

When are JV Practices?

The approximate schedule is:

3:15 – 6:00/Monday, Tuesday


3:00 – 5:00/Thursday

4:30 – Game/Friday

All junior varsity players are expected to stay and watch the varsity game. JV players should be picked up after varsity game is over--9:30pm for home games or 10:00-10:30 p.m. for away games..

When are Freshman Practices?

3:00–5:30/Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (Tues may be from 4 -6:15 with study hall prior)

5:00 – Game/Thursday

3:00 – 4:30pm/Friday

Freshmen players should be picked up immediately after the game ends or bus returns to school--7:00 p.m. for home games or 7:30-8:00 p.m. for away games.

What is a Blue Card?

Blue cards are issued to players who are cleared by the School’s Athletic department to participate in a school sport. A Sports Packet, along with a physical, must be completed and turned into the Athletic Department at LCC (not your team parent). Your team parent will let you know when it is time to turn in your athletic packets. This is separate from any paperwork you fill out for participation in football.

When Are Blue Cards Due?

Blue cards are issued by the School’s Athletic department and must be obtained by the first day of practice in August. Players will not be allowed to practice until they have a blue card.

Are cuts made to the teams?

LCC Football is a no cut sport. All players who are willing to put forth the effort and abide by school and team rules are welcomed on the team.

Is previous football experience required?

Absolutely not—this applies to all grades.

Is there a minimum GPA requirement?

A minimum 2.0 GPA is required for all participants who are playing on any LCC sports team. If your player has issues with grades, please contact your coach for what options are available.

What is Mav Market?

Each family is asked to provide an adult to cover two concession stand shifts in our new Mav Market. Each Varsity parent is asked to help in Mav Market during one freshman game on Thursdays. JV and Freshman Parents are asked to help in Mav Market during two Varsity or JV games on Fridays. Please sign up on the Website